At Hazel Tech, we are passionate about saving food and resources.

We are dedicated to solving the problem of food waste in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner.
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Hazel Tech is a fast-growing, USDA-funded agricultural technology company with the mission of reducing food waste and increasing the efficiency of our produce supply chain.

We are looking for people who share our commitment to adaptive problem-solving and invention.

We are growing fast. Join us and make the world fresher!

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Every year around the world, billions of pounds of food are wasted, while more than 800 million people go hungry.

In the United States alone, about 30% of all food that is harvested is thrown away.  Often this food is not consumed due to early spoilage. To arrive at harvest, produce must be grown through a rigorous agricultural process, which requires a great deal of resources including money, labor, water, and energy.  This means that every time a piece of food is thrown away, these resources go to waste as well.

At Hazel Tech®, we are passionate about saving food and resources. We are dedicated to solving the problem of food waste in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner. To help conserve our Earth's precious resources, our multidisciplinary team is innovating, researching, and developing new solutions in the agricultural and horticultural sciences. We invite collaboration in this area, and are available to partner with and offer these services to companies that share our goals.  Hazel Tech® is sharing results of pilot projects and welcomes the opportunity to discuss participation in experimental testing.

Hazel® offers agricultural and horticultural consulting services to grower/shippers of produce who wish to increase efficiency in their agricultural supply chain.

Our team provides technical expertise and solutions for supply chain optimization, working with agricultural and horticultural enterprises to realize opportunities for extending the shelf life of produce, decreasing rejection of those commodities later in the supply chain, and reducing costly waste. Through our consulting service, we work with grower/shippers to extend the shelf life of their produce. Our goal is to increase revenue opportunities for our clients by helping them to supply higher quality and fresher produce to their customers. Hazel® also offers consulting services tailored to different types of agricultural commodities including fruits, vegetables, flowers, and plants, including ethylene sensitive varieties. 

Please contact us to set up an initial consultation to determine whether our services and pricing are right for your business.


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Hazel’s® USDA-funded 1-MCP technology conditions the storage atmosphere to reduce respiration rate & increase resistance to ethylene.


  • Hazel® can release 1-MCP for up to three weeks.


  • Works under a wide range of storage conditions.


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