BerryBrite™ by Hazel Technologies LLC

Overview: Extending Berry Shelf Life

BerryBrite™ is a clamshell insert that improves the shelf life of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, as well as grapes during and after storage.

BerryBrite™ can also be applied on a per flat basis in order to streamline application for berry packers.

Using a proprietary essential oil blend, BerryBrite™ has been shown to improve berry firmness by up to 2x, reduce incidence of disease by up to 90%, and increase berry shelf life by up to 3x.  

How BerryBrite™ works

BerryBrite™ delivers a blend of essential oils that inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, and molds in berries.


1. Remove BerryBrite™ from packaging

2. Place insert in berry clamshell, flat, or tray

3. Instantly enjoy longer lasting berries and the ability to supply your customers with higher quality berries.

Each BerryBrite™ insert lasts for 3 weeks and contains 100% food-grade ingredients.

The Benefits of BerryBrite™


- Extends the shelf life of berries by up to 3x

- Reduces disease and rot by up to 90%

- Improves post harvest firmness by up to 2x

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