Senior Chemical Engineer

Chicago, IL
Did you know that over 30% of fresh produce grown in the world goes to waste and never reaches consumers?

Hazel Technologies, Inc. is seeking an exemplary innovator to apply materials science, chemistry, and process engineering to help us enhance our products and build new technologies for reducing agricultural waste. Our Senior Chemical Engineer personnel are expected to bring strong technical skills to the table as well as the ability to ideate, innovate, and execute on current and new product development. Our chemistry personnel operate in a multidisciplinary context, combining elements of chemistry, engineering, and food science to put Hazel products at the forefront of innovation in the preservation of perishable goods.

Owing to the multidisciplinary nature of the position, chemical engineers, chemists, and material scientists with advanced degrees in their related discipline and passion for invention are encouraged to apply. Candidates with experience in process scale up and applied chemical engineering will be preferred. Independence and motivation are essential.


The Senior Chemical Engineer is expected to be a contributor of new ideas and methods to the product portfolio at Hazel Technologies through innovation in production and in new product development. They will help develop Hazel’s manufacturing processes both in-house and out-of-house, addressing matters of process scale-up, feasibility analysis, marginal analysis, and quality control.

The Senior Chemical Engineer is expected to make tangible improvements to current Hazel production processes using their knowledge of reactor design, kinetics, flow dynamics, and experiment design.  Process development and scale-up is expected to comprise a plurality of effort in this role.

They will oversee and contribute to formulations work by existing Hazel staff. They are expected to regularly report progress to management and generate internal white papers with results in real-time. They will be entrusted with responsibilities related to maintaining and directly contributing to Hazel Technologies’ intellectual property.

They will operate wet chemical processes at scales from analytical to commercial. This includes operating batch and semi-batch reactions as well as formulations on the gram to multi-kilogram scale, and may include elements like continuous stirred tank reactors (CSTR’s), heat exchangers, purification and distillation equipment, drum tumblers, and spray driers. A successful candidate will have experience with multiple categories of plant-scale equipment for chemical manufacture and formulation.  

Working with the existing production and quality control team they will contribute to the manufacture of existing products, the development of new ones, and the analytical assessment of product quality and reproducibility on a commercial scale. The Senior Chemical Engineer will lead communication with new and existing external engineering partners and will serve as principle point of contact for out-of-house projects.

The Senior Chemical Engineer will work with a multidisciplinary team, including direct reports at the laboratory level that will assist with experimental design and execution. They will independently manage laboratory personnel and projects, including applicable grant resources. In some situations, they may manage contract manufacturing organization relationships day to day.

Fluency in gas chromatography, materials characterization methods, polymer science, and SOP development are essential. Experience with batch or semi-batch reactors, synthetic chemistry, sorption chemistry, and liquid-solid or gas-solid interfaces is essential. Candidates should have experience in operating processes at commercial scale and should have experience in translating benchtop practices to plant-level operations.

This position will work closely with post-harvest plant physiologists and other food scientists within Hazel and externally to build in feedback from the field.  

Requirements for Position:

  • Strong Communication Skills in English
  • For Scientists: Ph.D. Required
  • For Engineers: Masters or notable work experience in chemical process engineering
  • Sample technical writings (publications, posters, patents etc.)
  • Experience with Gas Chromatography
  • Relevant experience in Reactor Design
  • Experience with liquid-solid or gas-solid interfacial and sorption phenomena
  • Notable experience in process scale-up
  • Comfort with independent, largely self-managed research
  • Capable of leading a small team of researchers

Recommended but not required:

  • Native-level Foreign Language Skills – Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Italian
  • Industrial experience strongly preferred
  • Experience in food science or agricultural science, especially fruits and vegetables
  • Exposure to the patenting process
  • Experience with biopesticides, biocides, or plant growth regulators
  • Experience with microbiology  


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