Vice President of Engineering

Did you know that over 30% of fresh produce grown in the world goes to waste and never reaches consumers?

Interested in using science to create a social impact? Hazel Technologies is searching for a highly motivated and skilled Research Engineer or Chemist to help us fight global food waste with sustainable science.

Hazel Technologies researches, invents and develops innovative products for reducing food waste. As Vice President of Engineering, applicants would apply scientific creativity to the invention of new products, production innovations, and analytical advancements. This position includes a management component as the VP of Engineering is expected to manage and guide junior scientists to accomplish company research and development goals. Applicants should have an established history of innovation in a commercial setting as well as multiple publications in their field demonstrating exemplary scientific creativity, productivity, and communication skills. Applicants with exposure to cross-disciplinary projects in fields such as materials science, chemistry, chemical engineering, and/or agricultural science will be preferred.  

The benefits of this position you should consider as an applicant are: 

  • Get in on the ground floor. You will become an early team member at one of the fastest growing startups in Ag-Tech, according to American Inno’s “Top Green Tech Startups to Watch”
  • Create an impact. Solve the problems of tomorrow: you will be helping to save food every day that would have gone to waste. Hazel Tech has received the prestigious USDA Phase II SBIR Grant, $600,000 in federal funding given only to the most impactful technologies in the future of the agricultural industry.

Requirements for Position:

  • Excitement to work in a flexible and dynamic work environment 
  • Advanced degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, materials science or related disciplines. Ph.D. not required, but favorably considered
  • 3-5 years of experience in research and development in chemistry, materials science, chemical engineering or related field in a commercial context  
  • Management experience in a production or research setting  
  • High degree of comfort with organic chemistry wet work, small molecule synthesis, and associated process development
  • Proven history of documented innovation in publications in material science and/or chemistry (including patents)
  • Strong communication skills in English 
  • Experience in a chemistry laboratory beyond basic curricula (e.g. internships, undergraduate research) 
  • Must live in or be willing to relocate to Chicago area 
  • Attention to detail and reproducibility in laboratory conditions 
  • Familiarity with gas chromatography method development and analysis
  • Fundamental understanding of statistical principals as applied to experimental design and execution

Strongly recommended:

  • High degree of familiarity with chemical engineering, specifically reactor design (batch, semi-batch, and flow), gas-material interactions, porous solids, and sorption phenomena.  

Recommended but not required:

  • Native foreign language proficiency (especially Spanish) 
  • Specific experience in the agricultural sciences
  • Familiarity with fungal and bacterial culture and associated biological analytical methods.  


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Subject line: VP of Engineering. 

Please attach CV or resume and short intro, (no cover letter necessary)