Hazel® Solutions

Hazel® offers agricultural and horticultural consulting services to grower/shippers of produce who wish to increase efficiency in their agricultural supply chain.

Our team provides technical expertise and solutions for supply chain optimization, working with agricultural and horticultural enterprises to realize opportunities for extending the shelf life of produce, decreasing rejection of those commodities later in the supply chain, and reducing costly waste. Through our consulting service, we work with grower/shippers to extend the shelf life of their produce. Our goal is to increase revenue opportunities for our clients by helping them to supply higher quality and fresher produce to their customers. Hazel also offers advisory services to guide our customers through the delicate process of produce treatment and to assist with technical trial planning and execution when requested. Our consulting and advisory services can be tailored to different types of agricultural commodities including fruits, vegetables, flowers, and plants, including ethylene sensitive varieties.

Please contact us to set up an initial consultation to determine whether our services and pricing are right for your business.