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Hazel 100™ (Box Sachet)

Hazel 100™ is a USDA-funded, In-Box, Postharvest Technology Designed to Extend the Shelf-life of 12+ Fresh Produce Commodities by an Average 40%

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“As a leading grower, marketer and distributor of fresh produce from around the world, Oppy has placed the utmost priority on embracing new technology to provide the highest quality, premium table grapes to retailers and consumers,” commented Patricio Mendoza, North America Quality Manager at Oppy, “Sharing knowledge within the industry on the latest research and development will help us collectively grow the grape category together.”

Patricio Mendoza, National Quality Control Manager, Oppy™

“Since implementing Hazel Tech in our programs, we have seen a 55% reduction in quality claims. This savings not only creates value for our business, but also creates value for the environment, reducing food waste and ultimately making our supply chain more sustainable long-term."

Bill Purewal, President, PureFresh Sales

"In testing, we have seen Hazel Tech extend the shelf-life of tropical fruits like soursop, an extremely perishable item, by 45 percent. Quality improvements like this directly impact our sales while maintaining a sustainable product as nature intended."

Gabe Bernal, General Manager at Seasons Farm Fresh

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