Hazel 5g™

Hazel 5 gram is a USDA-funded, In-Bin, Postharvest Technology Primarily Designed for Use in Apples and Some Stone fruit Varieties to Protect Quality During Long Term Storage

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“After trialing Hazel Tech® bin sachets, we observed vastly improved eating quality after storage. The technology is very easy to use – it’s a no brainer. We believe Hazel™ for Apple is the next new technology to positively impact quality across the apple industry."

Steve Louis, Owner at Oakwood Fruit Farm

“The most important feature of the Hazel™ for apple technology is the ease of use. It works great for the speed at which we fill rooms. (There is) no need to do partial applications. We get the same positive results with this new treatment."

Brian Ruhoff, CFO at Wescott Orchards, a part of global apple marketer Honeybear Brands

“Using Hazel on our Honeycrisp apples resulted in reduced labor, increased safety for employees, easy applications of 1- MCP, and after 40 days of storage, a 90% reduction of ethylene. It’s a great technology I plan on using every season."

Scott Kee, VP Operations at Sacia Orchards