Hazel Trex™

A Pre-Harvest QualityTechnology for Kiwi and Cherries Designed to Increase Yield by a Target 15%

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“We are pleased to have the Hazel Trex test available to Zespri growers this season. Through Zespri Innovation trials, we have demonstrated that this technology can be used to optimize orchard practices to improve budbreak and flowering results. We believe growers can use this technology to optimize the timing of budbreak enhancers, therefore improving the performance of their orchards.”

Dr. Mary Black, Innovation Team Leader for Orchard Productivity at Zespri International

“Hazel Trex technology will effect a true paradigm shift in kiwifruit orchard management, as it employs the latest genetic sequencing technology to ensure accurate forecasting. Given the depth of our co-operative’s technical kiwifruit expertise we are well placed to distribute this technology to the New Zealand kiwifruit industry in 2020 and beyond.”

Dwayne Farrington, Technical Manager at Farmlands

“For the past 30 years, Apata has always prided itself on embracing industry leading technologies ahead of the market to optimize kiwifruit quality. Our partnership with Farmlands and Hazel Tech is a testament to our commitment to innovation."

Gary Geurts, Business Development Manager of Apata