The science behind Hazel Tech® supply chain solutions.

Is your technology proprietary, or can you explain what is inside the packaging insert?

The basis for all our core technologies is the controlled release of active ingredients from solid materials. We start with natural materials and modify them to become functional for storing and time-releasing atmospheric active ingredients. The core innovation is the controlled release - we are not inventing new types of active ingredients, but rather allowing a more dynamic deployment of industry standard and food-safe active ingredients that have been academically validated.

How does the technology work to extend the shelf life of produce?

It depends on the active ingredient. With some of our products, such as the USDA-funded Hazel™ Endure product line, the active ingredient released from our clamshell liner is an organic anti-fungal vapor that prevents mold and decay. For crops like avocados and apples, the active ingredients we use neutralize the effects of ethylene, a hormone that many fruits and vegetables release which self-triggers continued ripening and eventually, spoilage.

Does the technology need to be tweaked depending on the produce it’s being used with, given the respiration rate of the product?

Different crops have entirely different respiration rates and ethylene production levels. As a result, each Hazel™ product is tailored to that specific crop. The form factor of the product remains the same, however, which allows for flexible application by any customer regardless of the product’s formula.

Hazel’s® USDA-funded 1-MCP technology conditions the storage atmosphere to reduce respiration rate & increase resistance to ethylene.


  • Hazel® can release 1-MCP for up to three weeks.


  • Works under a wide range of storage conditions.


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