The establishment of Hazel Technologies, Inc.

How did Hazel Technologies, Inc. come about?

Hazel Tech was founded in 2015 when five students met in an entrepreneurial course at Northwestern University — the course focused on forming a sustainable technology business plan and gave the group a platform to begin. Behind the new business model was a passion for building sustainable solutions where it mattered most; the food supply chain.

The group was bound by a mission to reduce food waste on a global scale with easy to use, food-safe technology. Together, they created a suite of technologies with sustainability and efficiency in mind.

Today, over 150 growers, packers, and retailers of fresh produce use Hazel Tech® products in their supply chain.


Five students at Northwestern University meet during an entrepreneurial course. Together, they form a new business model focused on reducing food waste with the incorporation of food-safe technology.


Hazel Technologies, Inc. is established with headquarters and hires the first 5 employees. During this time Hazel Tech gains the first official customer to incorporate Hazel products for a full season.


Adaption of Hazel products continues to 100+ growers, packers, and retailers.
Hazel™ 100 is granted USDA funding and pulls impressive results in academic trials with top research programs including UC Davis, Cornell, University of Florida, and Oregon State University.


Hazel Tech® expands product portfolio, grows team to 25+ employees, and announces partnerships with some of the largest fresh produce growers, packers, and retailers. Including the largest Avocado distributor in the world, the largest Kiwifruit distributor in the world, the largest produce distributor in Canada.

Hazel’s® USDA-funded 1-MCP technology conditions the storage atmosphere to reduce respiration rate & increase resistance to ethylene.


  • Hazel® can release 1-MCP for up to three weeks.


  • Works under a wide range of storage conditions.


Simply toss in box, and you’re ready to go!

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