Partnership and Product Launch Highlights

Hazel and Mission Produce Launch Joint Brand Avolast: Powered by Hazel®

With sustainability in mind, Mission Produce and Hazel Tech launch Avolast: a small sachet with a big impact. By adding Avolast Powered by Hazel®, Mission Produce will extend the shelf-life of Hass Avocados while maintaining fruit quality during storage, transit, and arrival.
“Avolast is a flexible, drop-in solution giving growers, packers, and retailers far better logistical flexibility than any other technology
on the market.”

Hazel Tech Launches Trex Technology
to Zespri Kiwifruit

Hazel™ Trex technology will be available to Zespri growers this season with the exclusive launch to Zespri Kiwifruit, the largest marketer of kiwifruit globally. Trex is a preharvest test helping growers to determine the best timing for orchard management practices in Hayward and Gold Kiwifruit varieties.
“Through Zespri Innovation trials, we have demonstrated that this technology can be
used to optimize orchard practices to improve budbreak and flowering results."

Hazel and WP Produce Partnership

WP Produce of Miami, FL is the leading tropical produce avocado supplier into the United States. Hazel's technology has had a significant impact on their fresh avocados — helping to maintain quality of taste and increase shelf-life by 4 days.
“With Hazel's technology, we're taking good to great! We want our customers to have the same quality fruit for a longer time.”

Hazel’s® USDA-funded 1-MCP technology conditions the storage atmosphere to reduce respiration rate & increase resistance to ethylene.


  • Hazel® can release 1-MCP for up to three weeks.


  • Works under a wide range of storage conditions.


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