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There is no labor
to waste.

Food fuels human progress, sustaining an expanding population and advancing global economies.
But ever-changing demands and turbulent environmental dynamics are adding new, extreme pressures to world food production.

What Drives Us

Hazel’s is driven to develop innovative AgTech products that empower growers and the rest of the supply chain, giving them leverage to face modern production challenges and transform them into opportunities.

Our Story

During an entrepreneurship course at Northwestern University in 2015, Hazel Technologies' to-be founders set out to apply what they knew -- chemistry -- to an earth-sized challenge they were passionate about -- food waste. Now, in 2023, Hazel continues its mission to develop and deploy breakthrough products that drive real, global sustainability.

Academically Validated

Hazel Technologies was born from academia by chemistry PhD students, who understand almost better than anyone, the value of unbiased, exhaustively tested research and review.

As a result, Hazel ensures that all of its products undergo rigorous academic validation from elite agriculture programs around the world.

Global Presence

Hazel believes that to truly make a meaningful impact on food waste, it has to operate at a fully global scale.

Currently, Hazel has teams stationed across the U.S., South America, Europe and Asia and is forecasting to be active in 16 countries by 2023.

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