Hazel® for crop_name.

Breatheway's Modified Atmosphere Packaging designed to maintain higher quality, more resilient cucumbers with extended shelf life.

During transit and at retail, cucumbers are susceptible to mold, reduced firmness, and loss of color. Hazel Breatheway controls the in-package atmosphere in transit and at retail, resulting in 26%-32% more marketable fruit.

Benefits include:

  • More marketable produce
  • Longer shelf life at retail
  • Optimized atmospheric conditions
  • Reduced incidences of mold
  • Retained firmness and color

Extend the shelf life of your product.

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Our products make it easy to keep your crop_name fresh in storage and transit.
As temperature increases, Hazel Breatheway’s packaging increase permeation rate to match produce respiration rate. The result: fresher, fuller and more marketable cucumbers.
Hazel Breatheway®
Hazel Breatheway®

Hazel Breatheway®

Breathable packaging that actively regulates the flow of gases within, to ensure that the air around your packaged produce is optimally balanced.
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