Hazel Technologies OPEN POSITIONS

Hazel Technologies is a small, early-stage startup with a vigorous focus on new product development and inventing new technologies for eliminating food waste. We are looking for people who share our commitment to adaptive problem-solving and invention. We are growing fast. Are you our next team member? 

See open positions below:

Production Chemist

Position Overview:

At Hazel Technologies, production chemists work to run and optimize our product manufacturing. Applicants should have bachelor’s or master’s degree in chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science or related field and a demonstrated capacity for independence in the laboratory. Previous industry experience is considered desirable, but not required. Production chemists work directly with our COO to optimize and scale new product processes.


1) Perform Product Manufacture for BerryBrite™ and FruitBrite™ product lines.
2) Maintain quality control for Hazel TechSM products.
3) Manage product and manufacturing input inventory.
4) Assist Hazel Technologies scientists in product and process development for new agriscience applications.


- BS/BA Chemistry, Materials Science, or Chemical Engineering
- 1-2 Years Wet Laboratory Experience

Account Executive

Position Overview:

The account executive position at Hazel Tech, simply put, will involve interaction with warm leads generated by our inbound and outbound teams, as well as interaction on-site with early customers. The benefits of this position you should consider as an applicant are:

- Get in on the ground floor. You will become one of the first ten employees at one of the fastest growing startups in ag-tech

- Create an impact. Solve the problems of tomorrow: new clients you develop relationships with will be saving food everyday that would've gone to waste before

- Learn what it takes. You will work directly with Hazel Tech executives, co-founders, and advisers every day. Much different than working in an obscure corporate business unit.


Responsibilities for the account executive position are as follows: 

- flawlessly communicate with outbound and inbound sales team members and customers
- travel to meet with key accounts (expect >50% of time spent in the field)
- report to CEO / VP Sales
- represent Hazel Tech at industry trade shows and any other similar events
- involvement in hiring and recruiting process for future sales team members
- meet quarterly quotas



- 1-3 Years Experience in outside sales, either as account executive or outside sales development rep


- degree from accredited 4-year university
- Spanish working proficiency
- familiarity with fresh produce supply chain / food retail
- experience with public speaking
- experience with outbound sales, inbound sales (prospecting and new lead generation)

How to apply

Send email to founders@hazeltechnologies.com subject line [Position you are applying for].

Please attach CV or resume and short intro, (no cover letter necessary).