Hazel® for crop_name.

Our flagship technology, Hazel 100 is proven to extend shelf life and reduce rejections in limes.

Demand for limes in the U.S. has increased rapidly over the past decade. With lime production working to match demand, growers, shippers and retailers are turning to Hazel’s solution for limes, to ensure their fruit remains colorful and juicier for longer.

Benefits include:

  • Maintained color
  • Delayed ripening
  • Maintained firmness

Extend the shelf life of your product.

Simple solutions for crop_name

Our products make it easy to keep your crop_name fresh in storage and transit.
Our easy-to-use Hazel 100 sachet can be tossed in the box to delay yellowing in limes by 8 days.
Hazel 100™
Hazel 100™

Hazel 100™

Postharvest slow-release 1-MCP
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Trusted by industry leaders.

I heard about Hazel through our lime supplier, London Fruit. We started adding their product, Hazel 100, to our limes, and it’s really helped us with the shelf life for our retail customers. Since we’ve been using it, I don’t think we’ve had any problems, but if we have had any problems, it was very minor. I think it is a win-win for everybody.
Hazel 100 is a very cost-effective value-add that helps extend lime shelf life for our customers. The product provides them with a sense of security, especially right now, near the end of the summer when limes turn yellow so quickly. It’s the perfect product to extend their shelf-life.

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