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The Problem

Over 30% of produce harvested is never consumed.

This means that all of the resources: labor, water, money, and energy put into cultivating this produce is also wasted.

At Hazel Technologies, we develop new solutions to reduce this waste in order to improve the efficiency of our fresh produce supply chain.

Our product development is funded in part by the United States Department of Agriculture, and we are proud members of the Western Growers Association (W.G.A.) and Produce Marketing Association (P.M.A.).

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our Products & Services

The Hazel® Product Line is a suite of packaging inserts that extend the shelf life of ethylene sensitive produce.

For more information click the button below. Hazel® products contain patent-pending technology.

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OUR memberships

Northwestern University Venture Challenge
Produce marketing association
United States Department of Agriculture
Western growers

OUR Funding

United States Department of Agriculture
united states department of agriculture
Northwestern University Venture Challenge
Northwestern university venture challenge
Institute for sustainability and energy at Northwestern (ISEN)
Institute for sustainability and energy at northwestern

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