Get 3x Longer berry shelf life.

Give your customers more value.

BerryBrite™ by Hazel Technologies LLC utilizes essential oils when stored with berries to maximize shelf life.
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The Problem

Over 30% of produce harvested is never consumed.

This means that all of the resources: time, energy, money, water put into cultivating this produce is also wasted.

This produce waste does not occur at one discrete point in the supply chain.

At Hazel Technologies, we develop new solutions to mitigate this waste in order to improve the efficiency of our fresh produce supply chain.

our Products

Our FruitBrite™ and BerryBrite™ products contain patent pending technology.

FruitBrite™ is a carton insert that extends the shelf life of ethylene sensitive produce, especially tropical produce varieties.

Berrybrite™ is a berry clamshell insert that uses a blend of essential oils to increase the shelf life of berries by up to 3x in cold storage.

BerryBrite™ is currently available for purchase. For more information, click the button below.

Tell me more about BerryBrite™ 

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