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Mission Produce

There are a lot of products out there that can claim shelf life extension, and we've tested quite a few frankly but the ease of the way Hazel Technologies is integrated into our supply chain and the effectiveness was clearly the winner over some of the other technologies we looked at.

Mission Produce
Martinous Produce Company

I heard about Hazel through our lime supplier, London Fruit. We started adding their product, Hazel 100, to our limes, and it’s really helped us with the shelf life for our retail customers. Since we’ve been using it, I don’t think we’ve had any problems, but if we have had any problems, it was very minor. I think it is a win-win for everybody.

Martinous Produce Company


London Fruit

Hazel 100 is a very cost-effective value-add that helps extend lime shelf life for our customers. The product provides them with a sense of security, especially right now, near the end of the summer when limes turn yellow so quickly. It’s the perfect product to extend their shelf-life.

London Fruit
Hollabaugh Brothers

We were honestly blown away by the quality we saw after trying out Hazel 100 sachets. We had heard about the great results they have seen with apples but were amazed by the increase in shelf-life we saw for our pears. Knowing that more fruit is getting to our retailers' ripe and ready for the produce floor makes us excited to use Hazel products on our apples, pears, and peaches this year.

Hollabaugh Brothers
Specialty Crop Company

We are excited to incorporate Hazel Technologies' products into our supply chain to protect our diverse and delicate fig varieties. Hazel Tech sachets are easy-to-use and will allow us to reach our customers with higher quality fruit across both global and domestic markets.

Specialty Crop Company


Oregon State University
Oregon State University

In this trial, we found that D’Anjou pears with Hazel 100 had significantly higher firmness than control pears following 31 days. Hazel Tech pears also had a lower color loss and lower ethylene production following 31 days.

Vertical Foods
Vertical Foods

We are looking forward to our second Black Mission season when we will use the new sachet from Hazel Technologies. Our own testing with figs has shown that it has slowed ripening and led to a longer shelf life. We are excited to roll this out and hopefully make a difference for us and our customers.

Food Services

Freshway Produce
Freshway Produce

At Freshway, our mission is to broaden consumer awareness to exotic fruit and vegetables. We do that providing the highest quality and variety of tropical fresh produce to our retail, wholesale, and foodservice clients. Hazel 100 and the Hazel Tech team have been an integral part for us to achieve such great arrivals for our customers. We look forward to continue working alongside them in the years to come.

HMC Farms
HMC Farms

We are always evaluating potential cutting-edge technologies that will allow us to continue to further elevate the consumer experience of the products we grow,” said Jon McClarty, General Manager at HMC Farms. “Our research with UC Davis and Hazel Tech is a testament to our commitment to innovation.

Global presence

Hazel believes that to truly make a meaningful impact on food waste, it has to operate at a fully global scale. Currently, Hazel has teams stationed across the U.S., South America, and Europe and is forecasting to be active in 19 countries by the end of 2024.






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