Hazel 100™

Slow-release 1-MCP treatment, in a packet that fits in your palm
Simply toss a sachet (packet) of Hazel 100 into the bin or box of produce. Requiring no additional training, equipment, or infrastructure, Hazel 100 is the simplest way to effectively treat your crop with 1-MCP.

Simply toss a sachet (packet) of Hazel 100 into the bin or box of produce. Requiring no additional training, equipment, or infrastructure, Hazel 100 is the simplest way to effectively treat your crop with 1-MCP.

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Delayed Aging Technology

As produce ages, it begins releasing a natural gas called ethylene. And when crops absorb ethylene, their rate of decay is expedited. 1-MCP is an active ingredient that can be used to reduce ethylene's production and absorption, slowing down the aging process.
Toss a Hazel 100 sachet into the box or bin of produce.
The sachet releases 1-MCP into the atmosphere around the produce.
The 1-MCP binds to the produce’s ethylene receptors, creating an atmospheric shield that temporarily delays the aging process.
Every crop reacts differently to ethylene, so we’ve created tailored Hazel 100 sachets to serve the unique needs of each crop.

Breathable Packaging

Allow your produce to breathe easier with packaging that helps balance the oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere around your fruit and vegetables. When these compounds are properly balanced, your produce stays fresher and more resilient against unexpected temperature changes.
Place a Breatheway membrane over your packaged produce.
A breathable bubble of optimally balanced oxygen and carbon dioxide is formed - adjusting to each crop’s unique breathing rate.
When the temperature increases outside the membrane, Breatheway works to match the produce’s respiration rate - stabilizing the environment to keep your produce fresh.

Anti-fungal Technology

For some produce, like grapes and berries, fungus spores are the leading cause of decay and spoiling. Using an anti-fungal pad can extend the shelf life and quality of your crops.
Insert a Hazel Endure pad into the top and bottom of the storage box, pallet, or reefer.
When the produce is added, the pad creates an atmospheric shield around the crops.
The shield is made up of a 100% organic blend of essential oils that delay the growth of fungal spores - extending the shelf life of your produce.

Anti-sprouting Technology

For root vegetables - like potatoes - sprouting is often the first sign of spoiling. But you can slow down sprouting to keep your veggies fresh longer.
Insert a Hazel Root sachet into the storage box.
This creates an atmospheric shield around your root vegetables.
The shield is made up of a 100% organic blend of essential oils that slows down the sprouting process - keeping your everything inside the shield fresh longer.
Hazel 100™

How It Works

Hazel 100 comes in two sizes and over 15 crop-specific formulations.

Once "applied" or tossed into the box or bin of the harvested crop, Hazel 100 immediately beings emitting a controlled, slow release of 1-MCP gas, which continuously blocks the emission and absorption of  ethylene receptors on the surface of your produce.

Through the simple application of Hazel 100, crops stay fresh, maintain firmness, and retain color for +40% longer - all while remaining EPA residue exempt.

Hazel 100™
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There are a lot of products out there that can claim shelf life extension, and we've tested quite a few frankly but the ease of the way Hazel Technologies is integrated into our supply chain and the effectiveness was clearly the winner over some of the other technologies we looked at.
Charles Nelson
Mission Produce
I heard about Hazel through our lime supplier, London Fruit. We started adding their product, Hazel 100, to our limes, and it’s really helped us with the shelf life for our retail customers. Since we’ve been using it, I don’t think we’ve had any problems, but if we have had any problems, it was very minor. I think it is a win-win for everybody.
Farris Martinous
Martinous Produce Company
Hazel 100 is a very cost-effective value-add that helps extend lime shelf life for our customers. The product provides them with a sense of security, especially right now, near the end of the summer when limes turn yellow so quickly. It’s the perfect product to extend their shelf-life.
Amanda Horney
London Fruit
We were honestly blown away by the quality we saw after trying out Hazel 100 sachets. We had heard about the great results they have seen with apples but were amazed by the increase in shelf-life we saw for our pears. Knowing that more fruit is getting to our retailers' ripe and ready for the produce floor makes us excited to use Hazel products on our apples, pears, and peaches this year.
Wayne Hollabaugh
Hollabaugh Brothers
We are excited to incorporate Hazel Technologies' products into our supply chain to protect our diverse and delicate fig varieties. Hazel Tech sachets are easy-to-use and will allow us to reach our customers with higher quality fruit across both global and domestic markets.
Erik Herman
Specialty Crop Company
In our extensive testing, we found that the Hazel 100 for melons resulted in a 45% longer shelf life with our honeydew melons and a vastly improved eating experience 21 days after harvest.
Luis Caballero
Grower Alliance
In this trial, we found that D’Anjou pears with Hazel 100 had significantly higher firmness than control pears following 31 days. Hazel Tech pears also had a lower color loss and lower ethylene production following 31 days.
Yu Dong, Ph. D.
Oregon State University
We are looking forward to our second Black Mission season when we will use the new sachet from Hazel Technologies. Our own testing with figs has shown that it has slowed ripening and led to a longer shelf life. We are excited to roll this out and hopefully make a difference for us and our customers.
Casey Hollnagel
Vertical Foods
We are thrilled to partner with Hazel and to consider expanding our export program with better control of product arrivals.
Dan Andrews
Dan Andrews Farms
Hazel 100 will help us bring okra, one of the fastest growing items in retail produce aisles, to the consumer fresher than it ever has been before. Using this technology will help us dramatically increase the condition and lower shrink of each shipment.
Paul Boris
Agritrade Farms

Extend the shelf-life of your product

Show-release 1-MCP suited for your postharvest picking, packing, shipping, and retail needs.

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Fresher than ever

We took tried-and-true active ingredients and found a more dynamic application method — allowing it to work with more than 15 crops.
Hazel 100™

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