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Our flagship technology, Hazel 100, is proven to improve shelf life and quality of crop_name during storage.
Find a combination of Hazel products to help improve the shelf life, quality, color and firmness of your apples.

Apples are an anchor commodity for Hazel, and a fruit that benefits from the most Hazel products.

In the apple category, Hazel is looking to provide the most diverse range of treatments, capable of working independently or together, to meet the business needs of any supply chain/operation of any size.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced incidence of scald
  • Improved Post-Storage firmness
  • Retained color
In a typical year we might ship 2 million boxes of apples, ranging from the core varieties like Honeycrisp to proprietary varieties, like Kiku and Lemonade apples. With each variety comes different challenges. We have found that Hazel’s range of technologies can help to keep the fruit fresh and attractive which is why we’ve added Hazel 100 to our process this year, alongside Hazel CA and Datica.
At BelleHarvest, we pride ourselves in embracing innovations to provide the highest quality of produce for our customers. Over the last two years of working with Hazel, we’ve seen that same dedication to innovation through the constant improvements being made to Hazel CA and its companion technology, Hazel Datica. We’ve been thoroughly impressed with our QC and pack-out results.
The most important feature of the Hazel 100 for apple technology is the ease of use. It works great for the speed at which we fill rooms. (There is) no need to do partial applications. We get the same positive results with this new treatment.
After trialing Hazel Tech's bin sachets, we observed vastly improved eating quality after storage. The technology is very easy to use – it’s a no brainer. We believe Hazel 100 for apple is the next new technology to positively impact quality across the apple industry.
Using Hazel 100 on our Honeycrisp apples resulted in reduced labor, increased safety for employees, easy applications of 1- MCP, and after 40 days of storage, a 90% reduction of ethylene. It’s a great technology I plan on using every season.
Our QC and pack-out data from long-term storage rooms following the use of Hazel CA was impressive last season. At BelleHarvest we have a track record of embracing innovations such as Hazel CA in order to provide the highest quality product to our customers and the end consumer.
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Simple solutions for crop_name

Our products make it easy to keep your crop_name fresh in storage and transit.
Our products make it easy to keep your apples fresh during storage and transportation, while requiring no additional machinery or residue-causing sprays.
Hazel 100™
Hazel 100™

Hazel 100™

Slow-release 1-MCP treatment, in a packet that fits in your palm
Hazel CA™
Hazel CA™

Hazel CA™

Keep your produce fresh during long-term storage.
Hazel Datica™
Hazel Datica™

Hazel Datica™

Remotely monitor environmental conditions during long-term storage
Hazel Trex™
Hazel Trex™

Hazel Trex™

Pre- and postharvest, genetic-testing technology to improve the yield and quality of your produce.

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