Hazel® for crop_name.

Our flagship technology, Hazel 100, is proven to extend shelf life and protect figs against cold chain breaks.

Figs are known to have a short shelf life. Hazel 100 has proven effective in slowing the aging process of figs and helping retailers get more fresh days out of them.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced incidence of decay
  • Reduced browning and discoloration
  • Retained firmness

Extend the shelf life of your product.

Simple solutions for crop_name

Our products make it easy to keep your crop_name fresh in storage and transit.
Our easy-to-use Hazel 100 sachet can be tossed in the bushel to cut fungal infections in half after two weeks - improving storage, transit, and arrival quality.
Hazel 100™
Hazel 100™

Hazel 100™

Postharvest slow-release 1-MCP
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Trusted by industry leaders.

We are excited to incorporate Hazel Technologies' products into our supply chain to protect our diverse and delicate fig varieties. Hazel Tech sachets are easy-to-use and will allow us to reach our customers with higher quality fruit across both global and domestic markets.
We are looking forward to our second Black Mission season when we will use the new sachet from Hazel Technologies. Our own testing with figs has shown that it has slowed ripening and led to a longer shelf life. We are excited to roll this out and hopefully make a difference for us and our customers.

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